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Need A Website? Current Specials starting at $100! Limited offer

My websites cost $500 because I will do a really good job. I am giving away websites for a mere $100. That includes 5 standard pages and content placement. It also includes maintenance.  Do you like this website




Check out Treasure's Mix Tape 

Planning, Preparation, Productivity, Profit.

Volunteers Wanted For #LudaDayWeekend Events!

It's that time again! #LudaDayWeekend is a staple weekend in Atlanta filled with tons of fun and A-Town Love! It's Entertainer Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges' birthday and the Zodiak Girlz will be right there helping make all the events run smoother and easier.

Click the Pic to join Our Network and vounteer with us!

Posted 8/30/17 10a


Baby Sitting Services Offered. #NowHiring *In Home*

If you need someone to care for your child, we are available for you! We also have positions available for in home child care agents. Click HERE to Join Our Network!

Posted 8/30/17 10a


Planning, Preparation, Productivity, Profit.

It's no secret, we like to get together and make moves! My ladies and I have been hanging out for years, just plotting on how to see residual income. We have been networking with a lot of very amazing female entrepreneurs and vision based business women. If you want to find out more, just contact us! We'd love to see you!


Posted 8/30/17 10a


YOH "Think So Far Ahead" Official Video

Coming Soon

Atlanta Hit Makers debuts:

Yung Old Headz 

"Think So Far Ahead" Official Video.

(Filmed and edited by G.A. Mix)


Originally from Pittsburgh, P.A., the Yung Old Headz come with a sound that is unique and reminscent of when good music was good music! 

Stay tuned for the newest single by they Yung Old Headz, recorded in Atlanta, GA. 

Check Out The @YungOldHeadz #AdvertisedVideo   By G.A. Mix

Yung Old Headz Think So Far Ahead Official Advertised Video Final!!! Edited By: K.D. Da Truth Of G.A. Mix!!! Visit Let's make your dreams a reality!!! 
You can do anything you wanna do! So call K.D. Da Truth to get in the Mix!!! Were Making Our Dreams A Reality round herre... @itsgamix -photography/ video company, @kddatruth



Stop by for updates on The Yung Old Headz! 

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*Daily stream of client social media advertising via ZodiaK GirlZ 100+ social media accounts; 1 Million + in our Network.


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Need Photos? Book us today for your Professional Shoot at our next #PhotoParty! Pics by @ItsGAMix!

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Hey Girl! Let's WORK! 

Hey Girl! We think you are CUTE! We love your ENERGY! We want you to model with us! 

Not just model your outer beauty, but we also want you to share your time, your knowledge, and your talents with other girls like you!

Our Team Needs Brand Ambassadors 

House Of Kisses | Diva Lyfe   


Check us out at HalfTime Sports Bar FRIDAY APRIL 21!

Invest in your campaign to come up. #PhysicalPromo #SellYourMerch #TShirts

If you have a stellar design to go with your brand, we can put it on a shirt! Sell your shirts, give your shirts away, wear your shirts... do whatever you want! They're YOUR shirts! Call us today for shirts!   

Artists invest in their careers to come up. #PhysicalPromo #SellYourMusic #DownloadCards

Ladies and Gentlemen! We are looking forward to promoting for you! Here is an example of a digital download card with music for your fans to download onto their electronic devices!  It's a great way to make money and work towards being Gold Record Status and beyond!  

Do you want to perform in Atlanta for FREE? (Just Pay For Promo...& Pay Yourself)

Who: All Indie Artists

When: April 21-22

Where: Atlanta, GA

What: The #PlatinumSeries Tour

Hosted by The ZodiaK GirlZ / Sponsored by The Yung Old Headz


We have helped artists get on stages and promote themselves for nearly a decade now. We are hosting a 2 day performance/promo tour to Atlanta, GA. 


Details: The performance is FREE! The only thing that YOU as an artist will be responsible for is paying for your Promotional Material. You can choose your package and customize it as neccessary. You can sell or give away the promotional material that you purchase from us. 



Cost Details
$100 1K Download Cards Only


50 Buttons Only
$200 20 Shirts Only
$300 20 Shirts, 100 Buttons, 1K Download Cards 
$500 20 Shirts, 100 Buttons, 1K Download Cards, Media
$700 50 Shirts, 200 Buttons, 1K Download Cards, Media, Photo Shoot
$1000 50 Shirts, 200 Buttons, 1K Download Cards, Media, Photo Shoot, Video Shoot

Need a Website? We Do Quality Work Starting At $500

I just wanted to shout out a nice call rep that I had the pleasure of speaking with on a hazy Sunday afternoon. Crystal with Lyft was so pleasant and carefully answered all of our questions. She was so patient with us and made sure we were satisfied. I hope she sees this. It's not very often people get recognized for what they do right. -Xtra

We Promote.

 At ZodiaK GirlZ, we come with a decade of promotional and marketing expertise to provide full on services to anyone in need. Because each member of our organization is an aspiring entrepreneur, we understand the needs of a growing business, the demands of branding a public figure, and the requirements of marketing any and all clients. 


 All of the members of our company are women; we approach marketing with a sexy sophistication.


We look forward to placing you in the appropriate package to help you receive exposure. 

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We provide custom services to promote for Brands. Come see who we are and what we do! Let Us Serve You! 


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